Footprintz Utopia [VQ002]
Release Notes :

Visionquest unleash the second superb release on this years most exciting new
label. Footprintz possess the kind of musical magic that seems to be created
through some unfathomable chemical reaction, their pop sensibilities perfectly
balanced with a mystical sense of kudos. Sounding like Hot Chip in paradise,
Hercules in a new Love Affair with a euphoric LCD Soundsystem, Utopia is the
first step in a great musical journey for this magnetic partnership.Charming
guitar led melodies strung out over blissful poetic lyrics and dreamy synths,
Utopia is the embodiment of its definition.

A captivating blend of pop magic,
hatched in a dream and painted in vivid colour, it creates devotion to its
musical heart. Its elusive partner in crime, Golden Dreams is cloaked in mystery
and soaked with attraction. Uttering choral cries and apocalyptic echoes, it
evokes the thrilling sensations of falling in love.

Steering to the dancefloor,
house music king Ewan Pearson breathes melancholic pulses through Utopias veins
in a heart-rendering remix for the small hours a truly inspiring remix from Ewan
who mastered the whole EP.The second release on the Visionquest label, brought
together by the four musketeers: Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson, Lee Curtiss and
Shaun Reeves, illuminates their inspired direction and precise aims to unleash a
fresh visionary sonic imprint upon the earth.

Footprintz are the Montreal based
duo formed through the dreamy musical decadence of Adam Hunter and Clarion
North, channeling hypnotic euphoria from the constellation Pegasus into
kaleidoscopic sunrise floors.

Artist …… : Footprintz
Title ……. : Utopia
Genre ……. : Electronic
Label ……. : Visionquest
Catnr ……. : VQ002
Source …… : WEB
Quality ….. : 320kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Full Stereo
Duration …. : 00:18:43 (43.1MB) ….. : 28-03-2011

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1. Utopia 4:50
2. Golden Dreams 5:51
3. Utopia (Ewan Pearsons The Tale Of Bolo Brown Re-Trip) 8:02