Regis – Complete Works 1994 – 1996 (DNRECD1)

Artist: Regis
Release Title: Complete Works 1994 – 1996 DNRECD1
Label:: Downwards
Catnr: DNRECD1
Mp3 Download Source: WEB
Bitrate: 320 kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Joint Stereo
Digital Released: 2012
Size: 183.78Mb

01. Speak to Me 6:17
02. Model Friendship 4:32
03. Ital 4:14
04. Lapal 4:13
05. Point of Entry 5:49
06. Surface 5:03
07. Keep Planning 4:41
08. We Said No 4:46
09. Allies 3:42
10. Translation 4:12
11. Careless Pedestrian 4:20
12. Sand 5:51
13. Cold Water 3:56
14. The Black Freighter 4:01
15. S/He 1 5:29
16. S/He 2 5:20

Total Playtime: 76:26 min

“For those who missed Regis’ lovingly hand-crafted ‘Adolescence’ compilation, Downwards thankfully breaks the set down into 3 discs over the coming months. The first, ‘1994-1996’ covers his earliest Techno productions. Of particular note is the previously unreleased ‘Point Of Entry’, and alternative studio versions of ‘Keep Planning’ and ‘Translation’ from the ‘Gymnastics’ LP, but of the 16 tracks we’d be hard pushed to pick a favourite. There’s always the razing pillage of ‘Ital’ for consideration, or equally the sneering funk of ‘Surface’ and the glancing metallic blows of ‘We Said No’, but we seriously urge you to neck a few and find out for yourself if you’re not already familiar. At the risk of getting all hagiographic, this guy is nowt short of one of the UK’s most influential, and inspirational electronic artists, so if you’re not clued up, don’t f**k about: buy this.”

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