Ugandan Methods (Regis & Ancient Methods) – Sixth Method (AM06)

Artist: Ugandan Methods (Regis & Ancient Methods)
Release Title: Sixth Method
Genre: Techno
Label:: Ancient Methods
Catnr: AM06
Mp3 Download Source: WEB
Digital Released: 2012
Size: 109.00 Mb

1. Beneath The Black Arch 6:06

2. Between A Sleep And A Sleep 7:00

3. She Belongs To Eternity 6:18

Ugandan Methods = Ugandan Speed Trials (Regis) + Ancient Methods. ‘Sixth Method’ is their second collusion of Industrial Techno mechanics, following a razing session on Downwards’ DN label in 2009. A-side is the droning, ‘floor ploughing behemoth ‘Beneath The Black Arch’, spiking AM’s war funk rhythms with a seething tribalist madness to deadly impact. Flipside ‘Between A Sleep And A Sleep’ relies on a more subtle sense of swing and hypnotic layering to deliver the desired effect, before they gorge on bludgeoning kicks and skin-flailing noise with remorseless brutality on ‘She Belongs To An Eternity’. Heavy!!!

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