Max Vertigo - Try To Feel

Max Vertigo – Try To Feel – Not so long ago, Max Vertigo released his sweet and deep single “Don’t Cry” and now he is returns with new dark release “Try To Feel”. Original track made in collaboration with Max’s friend – MC and vocalist SevenEver is brilliant example how to combine progressive house and melodic techno. The key feature of track is vocal pieces recorded by SevenEver and our remixers did great work improvising with original’s mood and vocal parts. Version by Xzalatacia brought sound deeper into neotrance atmosphere.

Second remix artist is famous house producer Nopopstar. In his experiments he made very strange and unusual tune in some kind of tech-house style with strong pulsing groove that will be great for dancefloors. We hope you’ll try to feel what the autors want to say us in this amazing release.

Artist Max Vertigo
Title Try to Feel
Genre Tech House / Progressive House
Label Aura Music
Catalog# AURM030
Released 2013
MP3 Download Source WEB
Play Time 18:56 min
Total Tracks. 3
Bitrate 320 kbps

1. Try To Feel (Feat SevenEver) (Nopopstar Remix) ( 5:53)
2. Try To Feel (Feat SevenEver) (Original Mix) ( 6:40)
3. Try To Feel (Feat SevenEver) (Xzaltacia Remix) ( 6:23)

Total Playtime: 18:56 min

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