Exercise One – Tales Of Ordinary Madness 2/3 – To mark a decade of their live techno outfit, Exercise One release a new album and series of vinyl remix EPs by friends and fellow travellers from along the road. Choosing 10 remixes for their 10 years of performing. Exercise One are back on the pulse with the abrasive thuds of The Raven, perhaps their most stark work to date.

For the EPs, Exercise One invited some of their talented friends from along the journey to remix their favourite tracks of the duos back catalogue, for vinyl and digital release. EP 2 continues the overrun of talent with Ewan Pearson masterfully remixing “it Is Happening Again” (originally released on Mobilee Records, 2009) in typically grandiose style, putting on the breaks and laying down an irresistible groove from which he tinkers with thick swathes of valve-heated melodies and bulbous bass.

Alex Smokes (Vinyl only) charred contribution has an air of narcotic outlandishness with the swirl of Farsi poetry recorded by close Persian friends of the duo in their old flooded basement studio. And Berlin band subQ10x cover Exercise Ones very first release Roll With U (originally released on Mofa Schallplatten, Neuton, 2004), with Ingo on drums.

Artist Exercise One
Title Tales Of Ordinary Madness 2/3
Genre Techno / Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Label Exone
Catalog# EX18
Released 2013
MP3 Download Source WEB
Play Time 19:35 min
Total Tracks. 3
Bitrate 320 kbps

1. It Is Happening Again (Ewan Pearson’s Kosmische Dub) ( 9:48)
2. Roll With You (SubQ10x Version) ( 3:55)
3. The Raven (Original Mix) ( 5:52)

Total Playtime: 19:35 min

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