How time flies! Our Great Stuff Grooves series has hit volume ten! Max Demand, the very talented, young producer from Hungary presents us with two extremely powerful tracks to celebrate this milestone in style.

German EDM label Great Stuff  presents the latest Great Stuff Grooves Vol. 10 with Max Demand

Max starts of with “TET” – a state of the art tune that sounds amazingly fresh and modern. A strong groove and punching pads build the foundation for the pitched down vocal to do it’s thing. A thick bassline, that will be felt deep within your intestines, surfs along and completes this energy bar of a track.

A stylish 909 snare combined with a cool as hell bassline and some old school vocal snippets alone can destroy a dance floor, but Max does not stop there… He adds even more magic by painting a few sounds here, some percussion patterns there, before letting it all go mental during the break down. Very sleek in total!

Great Stuff Grooves, Vol. 10
Max Demand
LABEL: Great Stuff | GSR227
GENRE: Tech House
BITRATE: 320kbps / 44100kHz / Full Stereo
SIZE: 37.82 megs

1. TET 8:10
2. Yourself 7:32

Total Playtime: 15:42 min

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